Planning the ultimate hen party in Chester

If youíve been tasked with the mission of throwing your friend the ultimate hen party that none of you will ever forget, you donít need to look any further than Chester. Itís renowned across the UK for being one of the best host city for hen parties. If youíre short of money, then Chester is the place for your party.

Whether your friends like it loud or laidback, Chester is ideal for planning a hen party, as it caters to everyone and for all tastes. Whether you want a quiet and warm lunch somewhere with all of your friends, or if youíre thinking of something far more raucous, going to Chester is a decision you wonít regret. This article goes over some of the packaged options for partying in Chester.

Sunset booze cruise

If you want to take in the sights while youíre partying, a boat party for you and the girls is probably the best thing to do. You can sail down the River Dee on the party boat, soaking up the sunset as well as the booze!

If you buy tickets for the boat, you will most likely get access to a nightclub afterwards, for more partying and mayhem after the sun goes down.

Burlesque dancing

If everyoneís feeling a little cheekier than usual, and in need of a good laugh, burlesque dancing is the best way forward. You can have around an hourís session with an instructor who will take you through all the moves.

Youíll learn how to move around and make heads turn with your very own burlesque routine, complete with props!

A spa weekend

If youíre feeling like something way more laidback than clubbing and burlesque dancing, you could always treat yourselves to a spa weekend with the girls.

You and the crew will be able to make the most of the spa treatments and the rest of the available facilities, followed by a trip around historic Chester, where you can take in the sights, and perhaps do a little more partying while youíre at it.

Pole dancing

If relaxing at a spa is something you do quite regularly, or even if itís not nearly racy enough for the kind of hen party youíd like, pole dancing is probably where itís at for you and your hens. You should definitely pencil this into your itinerary towards the early evening, before you go out and get merry.

Itís a great mood-setter for the weekend, so try and do it early on. Thereís nothing quite like getting the laughter started out there nice and early.